1. Aspire Test Series has been started with the noble cause to uplift and promote students aspiring for State Judiciary and APO Examinations. With this noble cause the price of the online test series has been kept very economical. Any student after paid registration may give the online test from anywhere at any time in this test series. We shall also provide online counseling facility of students after few tests on Techniques Sharing to crack prelims examination.

  2. Aspire Test Series is charging Rs. 2100/- for six months test which includes one time payment of Rs. 500/- as a Registration fee. Fees paid by the students shall not be refundable. After expiry of six months if any student wishes to continue the test series he may stay in the test series after paying an additional amount of Rs. 1200/- for another 6 months.

  3. Aspire online test series shall conduct weekly subject wise test on different law subjects.

  4. This test series is only for MCQ questions for prelims examination. We will also provide G.K, G.S and Current affairs as a complimentary with this package.

  5. Aspire Test Series shall not provide any study material. However, on important topics, we may provide notes.

  6. We have a team of experts to select questions for the mock test series. We scrutinize all the questions and their answers with utmost care and caution. However, even if any flaw occurs in the question papers, the proprietor shall not be liable.

  7. Aspire Test Series reserves all the right to remove non-serious or non-committed students out of the Test series without any explanation or reason. Fees paid by such student/s shall not be refunded.

  8. It is not possible to reply to the queries of all students on phone. Therefore, the queries of students shall be replied only through Email or Whatsapp. It would also be subject to the time availability of our team.

  9. The proprietor shall not be liable if, due to any technical error, the proprietor is unable to continue the test series, then in that case, the money collected from the students shall be refunded in proportion to the tests already conducted.

  10. In case of any dispute, the matter shall lie within the jurisdictions of Civil Court, Patna only.


  1. The fees paid is only for the mock test series (prelims), all other facilities such as student counseling, G.K, G.S and Current affairs are complimentary services.

  2. Aspirants of Bihar Judiciary (Mains) Examination may also contact us for the preparation and subject wise notes.